I love spanking

What colour should i dye my hair

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why do i even bother putting on panties in the morning

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5SOS: The Lost Tapes (aka unreleased songs) insp

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I think I just died on the inside

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[mournfully] she’s so cool, rewrites the rules she ain’t got no time for you [sniffles] she’s. a. teenage queen. [sadly double claps] she hit me baby one more time [wails] like Britney did in ‘99 [pours one out]

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September 03, 2014 - London [x]

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Anonymous whispered: post the nude? I can't find it anywhere😣😣xxx

I havent even seen it

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Anonymous whispered: U know the 5SOS mashup u posted? Where can I find it?!? Thanks 💕

I found it on soundcloud :)

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Anonymous whispered: I'm pretty sure thats not Luke js

Its a joke babe xx

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names i call calum: clam, claum, clamu, clum, clmau, pup pup, sweet angel child sent from heaven above, idiot, fuckboy, asshole, dick, mate

names i dont call calum: calum

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